Only Doug Ford and Vic Fedeli Will Get It Done

Other parties spend all their time complaining or looking to take us back to the past. Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs can get it done for you and your family.

The Ontario PCs are the only party with a real plan:

  • Rebuilding Ontario’s economy with the first ever Critical Minerals Strategy, a plan to open up the Ring of Fire and connect northern minerals to future electric vehicles and batteries, and support for jobs in mining, forestry, and natural resources.
  • Working for workers by encouraging apprenticeships and opening up jobs in skilled trades, allowing colleges to grant 3-year degrees, and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Building highways and key infrastructure, including bringing back the Northlander passenger train service to Northeastern Ontario, doubling the number of lanes on Highway 17 from Kenora to Manitoba, investing $1 billion to build the North-South Road to the Ring of Fire, and improving roads, highways, and bridges.
  • Keeping costs down by lowering gas taxes, getting rid of licence plate stickers and annual fees, expanding access to natural gas, and investing in affordable high-speed internet service in Northern Ontario. 
  • Plan to stay open by hiring more nurses, allowing more seniors to stay in their homes, and producing more vaccines and PPE right here in Ontario. 

Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs will Get it Done


Only Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs will Expand Highway 417 for Ottawa Drivers

Del Duca-Wynne Liberals admit they will delay construction with another study OTTAWA, May 30, 2022 – Today, Doug Ford announced that only a re-elected PC government will get shovels in the ground to expand Highway 417 and fight gridlock for Ottawa-area drivers and businesses. “Just a few days ago, Steven Del Duca couldn’t help but say […]

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